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Empower your community
cycle of growth

Engage more deeply, fund your shared dreams, and reinvest in what matters most.
A new way for communities to thrive together.

The ngl app

A shopping app that offers unprecedented cashbacks and exclusive experiences from brands loved by your community members, while fully preserving their privacy. 

Every time a member buys on ngl, the brand pays a fee to your community, rather than to big tech ad platforms. As funds are raised, the community can vote on how to reinvest them into shared goals that benefit everyone.

Ombre et lumière abstraites

Community's Lifecycle of Growth


Your members can access unique experiences and special deals curated just for them. Imagine offering them private events, offers on popular products, or early access to new services. It's all about adding value to their membership.

We make it easy for you to give more to your community, enhancing their connection with your community.


Our approach empowers your members to actively participate in shaping the future your community. They're key players.

By voting, influencing the direction and impact of projects. This inclusive model fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility, encouraging members to invest energy into the ommunity they care about. 


Meet the gurus

A Spectrum of Styles, Tastes, and Expert Insights to Shape Your Best Offers

- Sarah, Running addict group

ngl enables community monetization while keeping control over the community values"
Finally a monetization platform truly built around community interests"

- Nicolas, Content creator & Fisherman


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